Hello Scrabble players!

There are about 760 active Scrabble players in North America with ratings of 1300 or below. Only two played in the Collins Division last year. The rest (42 players) had an average rating of about 1600. This imbalance within the Collins Division is one of the many reasons why TWL players stay away from the Collins Division. For the Collins Division to be sustainable, it
has to represent a wider spectrum of players with both high and low ratings.

In other words, it has to look more like WESPA in the U.K. and the rest of the world.

To that end, we are creating an earmarked prize pool to attract new lower rated (under 1300) players to play at the Collins Division at NASPA’s 2017 Nationals in New Orleans this year.

We have raised $1800 thus far with $590 coming from my personal account. I would like to have a prize pool of at least $3800. Prizes will be given out to players under 1300 who have the top four highest spreads at the end of 31 games. Depending on how much we are able to raise, there may be other incentive prizes as well.
ALL the money will go towards these incentive prizes.

This fundraising effort does not benefit just the lower rated players. The more players there are in the Collins Division, the larger the general prize pool for the expert players!

If you would like to see MORE Collins players at the Nationals, please donate what you can afford.
This is for a good cause.

My goal is to raise $1,000 here with me matching it.

We have achieved our goal. The final prize is at $3,800 thanks to all the generous donors from the U.K., Canada and here in the U.S.

Any questions, please contact me