To purchase norman’s original hand sketches, go to the shopping carts below and pick the original sketch that you want. The cost is $40 with FREE shipping. You get THE original drawing (not a print) hand signed by Norman Wei. The size of each sketch is 9 by 12 inches. The rock monument sketch is 11 by 14.

Please note that mats and frames are NOT included.

terrified monkey-1 Terrified monkey

rock monument-1Rock monument


old woman-1 Old woman

owl-1 owl


cheetah -1 cheetah

giraffe head-1 giraffe head

mama and baby giraffesmama and baby giraffe


choose your drawing


tiger head-1head of a tiger

horse -1horse

tiger drinking-1tiger drinking


mean man-1mean man

thinking man-1thinking man

beduin -1Bedouin

smiling man-1smiling man

india woman -1Indian woman

choose your drawing

black man-1Black man

piano singer -1Piano singer

muslim lady-1Muslim lady

blue heron -1Blue heron

sad girl -1 sad girl

angry boy -1angry boy

woman in hood-1woman in hood


bird on black-1Bird on Black background

girl outline-1Girl outline

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