2022 Eagles Calendar

The long anticipated 2022 Calendar of Eagles is here!

This calendar covers January 2022 to January 2023 (a total of 13 months). All the photographs are of Harriet and M15 and their eaglets.

There are 14 8.5 x11 vivid color photographs printed on heavy stock. There are two smaller prints on the back cover.

On the front cover are Harriet and M15 in a tender moment together.


For January 2022, we have Harriet and M15 soaring high in the sky together.


For February 2022, you see both eagles sitting next to each other in the west pasture.


For March 2022, we have M15 posing majestically looking ever so regal.


For April 2022, we have Harriet in a solo pose.


For May 2022, we see both Harriet and M15 watching over their domain sitting close to each other.


For June 2022, we have the parent eagle bring home a fish to feed the babies.


For July 2022, Harriet and M15 are huddled together consoling each other shortly after the tragic death of their baby.


For August, we see both eagles gazing into each other's eyes with love.

For September 2022, the pair of eagles are next to each other in a loving pose.


For October 2022, we see the couple's eaglets sitting next to each other.


For November 2022, one of the eaglets was being chased by a grackle and calling out to mama for help.

For December 2022, we have one of the eaglets flying next to its nest.


For January 2023, we have one of the eagles coming in for landing.


On the back cover are photos of Harriet and M15.


The cost of this 2022 Wall Calendar of Eagles is only $26 with FREE shipping anywhere in the U.S. It is like getting 14 (8.5 x11) photo prints for less than
$2 each.

We have limited supply of these calendars, orders will be taken on a first come first served basis.

The response has been overwhelming. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

If you are interested in purchasing individual 8 x 10 photograph for any of the months, please send me an email and tell me which month you want. The cost is $10 for each enlargement (8 x 10) with FREE shipping. I will send you an invoice.

FREE photograph of Harriet and M15

Send me an email with your mailing address and I will send you a FREE 6 x 4 postcard photo of the two eagles flying out together.

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