Fun Way to Learn AND Remember your Anagrams Over 800 anagram cartoons!!


This book contains the following:

  • Over 800 anagram cartoons of mainly 2-anagram pairs with mostly 7-letter words. There are also cartoons with more than 2 and up to 9 anagrams. Go to album to see some examples.

  • Over a hundred “weird definitions” to help you remember some of the more obscure words (e.g. BUSHIDO = what Bush said at his wedding?)

  • Many “one letter off 7-letter words” (e,g, PROGRAM v GROGRAM, SHALLOW v SHALLOP, COMPANY v COMPONY).

  • Special uncommon words pairings such as common 4-letter words with an E added to the end (e.g. MOSTE, BOMBE, etc)

  • Over 500 mnemonics to help you remember anagrams. Cartoons are being developed for these for future edition.

  • The complete list of the 2203 7-letter (TWL2) words with 2 anagrams.

Who will benefit from this book?

  • Beginners level - this book will get you started on the right path

  • Intermediate level - this book will help you kick your opponents’ butts

  • Advanced level - a great refresher tool since you already know most of the words. Many top rated players have ordered this book. many have purchased this book for their Scrabble friends as gifts.

The paperback book has 223 pages and is available in Coil Bound. For a sample of our 800+ anagram cartoons, click here.

NOTE: ALL the anagrams in this book are VALID in both TWL and Collins dictionaries. Since the book was developed based on TWL2 (a subset of all later editions of TWL and Collins), anagrams that are unique to the TWL3, CSW12 and CSW15 dictionaries are NOT included.

If you are interested in a book on hooks, click here.

Payment method:

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