Books on Hooks are now available!!

We have two new books for Scrabble players in North America and throughout the world. These books show the front and back hooks to all the valid words in their respective dictionaries. It is a fun way to learn hooks and easy way to pick out some odd and weird words from the crowd. To our Canadian and international friends: We are not able to ship it outside the U.S. due to the insanely expensive cost of shipping via Postal Service. If you know a fellow Scrabbler who lives in the U.S., we can drop ship it to that person. The books are available at worldwide. For players in North America who play the NWL18 (New Word List) - aka TWL at tournaments, we have the Happy Crossword Hooker (NWL18 Edition). This book has over 164 pages of hooks. Available in perfect binding. nwl18-book-cover

For players who play the Collins dictionary in North America and the rest of the world, we have the Happy Crossword Hooker (CSW19 Edition). This book has 252 pages of hooks.

The cost is $16 (free shipping in the US only) for perfect bound. Click on the shopping cart and choose your dictionary (NWL18 or CSW19). Please allow 10 days for shipping. If you want Norman to sign your book, please so indicate when you are in the shopping cart. Any questions, please email us.

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