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The Advantage of “Word Games, Anagrams and More”

The advantage of Norman Wei’s book is that it provides the opportunity to learn visually. This is indeed a good support and a welcome versification in contrast to the usual list learning. The witty cartoons for the mnemonics will bring the anagrams closer to you by combining them in one memorable phrase. If you need a hand finding out whether a word has an anagram or not, you can also use the anagram-solver on In the appendix Wei also gives “The complete List of 7-letter Words with 2 Anagrams from Michael Thelen’s Zyzzyva”,
well-known among word game and Scrabble players on the internet.
So all in all “Word Games, Anagrams and More” – with its mnemonics, cartoons and word lists – is a great help for players of different word games, especially Scrabble and Words with Friends. You can even take it as a general expansion to your vocabulary with many uncommon words – a helpful book for hobby players as well as experts.

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